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Regional Workshop on Sector Approaches in the Context of EU Integration


Regional workshop on Sector Approaches in the Context of EU Integration co-organized by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Directorate General for Enlargement of the European Commission as a continued effort in building capacity to develop sector approaches in the EU candidate and potential candidate countries in the Western Balkans and Turkey took place in Sarajevo, from 22nd to 24th March.

Participants were senior civil servants responsible for aid co-ordination and planning, European Commission staff and representatives of the international financial institutions and donors with experience in sector approach that is designed to deliver a single comprehensive sector programme, budget and results framework, with processes for donor coordination and harmonisation and increased use of local systems for programme design and implementation.

Through lessons-learned from past programmes, the workshop focused on the formulation of practical guidance and toolkits that can be used by stakeholders and beneficiaries in the region.

Topics discussed at 4 thematic sessions designed to address these issues specifically, covered

• Formulation of sector approaches
• Linking sector approaches to EU integration objectives
• Governance of sector approaches
• Benchmarking and evaluation of sector approaches

Case studies, presentations and discussion materials prepared for the Workshop provided basis for the Report designed as a practical guide for the participants and other stakeholders to efficient implementation of sector approaches.